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Online shopping

An online Shop

An online shop is a must these days and for many their only shop. vShop is a platform which is a disrupter, i.e. it still offers the conventions which everyone is used to, but does it in a new way.

20+ years of internet-years is a 100+ years in many terms and it's about time someone bridged that gap between corporate shops and those very basic ones which are cute, but don't scale.

vShop is your answer to that question and remember as a free platform (yes FREE open source) bar your time and effort there is no downside.

Web Development

Developers ONLY

vShop is a platform with many moving parts, but unlike so many systems, it has a really simple /dev install and your client can be up and ready in a day - or we can make it so (at vShop). The back-end or API is something you will probably not touch, but see the DOCUMENTATION link above.

It's your acument as a React JS front end /dev that matters here and please only touch the code in the /custom folder of your install or you'll negate upgrades. We support /dev partners, so please join us.

Web Development

CMS Dashboard

SHOP Managers

As a content, or shop, manager, you are not interested in code or much web-design: just copy/text and getting the products looking great on-line. That's what the C M S is for and assuming you understand on-line shopping practices then this is your kingdom.

There are plenty of advanced features in our C M S which might seem subtle at first, but once you've grasped the basics and become the next mini-Amazon in your market, you'll thank us for that or, as always, speak to an adviser to talk English rather than </code>.

Web Development

Please Consider

There used to be an old line in the `IT` business that no-one was ever fired for buying IBM and, to a point, that practice still stands.

It's your shop and you want it to stand out, albeit still adopt methods and practices that everyone will understand. Neverthless, you WILL want bespoke work and that will always happen, if not now, but certainly in the future. Harness the power of a bespoke platform from day #1 and you will never face that tough call of asking `do we need to re-factor?`.

vShop is a bespoke tailor, but with all the off-the-shelf  options.

Web Development

Discreet Shop

Agnostic Sales Platform

vShop operates a broad church  and with the exception of arms-supply and gambling, bar raffles and auctions, we do not judge the products you sell. PSPs DO and big time.

There are many unscrupulous PSPs who say in their T&Cs that they will not condone this or that and yet will waive for higher fees [ casinos, gun-shops ]. We don't do that and happily support Nummus and -crypto for all shopping sites that operate quite legally, albeit with strict client confidentiality.

Assuming your products are 100% legally supplied to your market, you will find NO judgement here and vShop and its PSPs, all at market rates, will afford your business model. Double check with your payment provider first and always remember to comply with your `local` laws and agreements; ignorance is no excuse of the law.

vShop will not support religious, political or racist propaganda and the sale of material inciting to any violent acts or against individual freedom.