Separation of the Front and Back-End

Most modern websites now adopt the model that you have (a) the server Back-End [ often called an API ] and then you run your website [ Front-End ] as (b) the Javascript App. There are lots of good reasons to do that and vShop uses this Model.

Why is vShop new ?

The on-line shop world is hardly new and there is not shortage of `systems` out there for you to create your shop. The developers of vShop have used most of these in various commercial roles and wanted to take out all the mystery of the `big` systems and also allow developers the freedom to operate a bespoke solution.

Another Shopping Cart ! Have we re-invented the wheel ?

We don't think so and our one is equally round. What vShop does is to use a system called EAV which in simple terms means that you design your database. That's a bold statement and we're not suggesting that you start creating tables and get into database design. No, we just mean that when you create something you create attributes, so a T-shirt, you sell, might have a colour and a size.

The Front-End is the key really, because you have all the infrastructure [ those APIs ] to control your shop and this is the difference: you have a complete React JS system which is yours to update and code as you see fit. Yes, you have the keys to the kingdom. No restrictions and no barriers - you can take vShop and turn it into anything you like.

We would recommend that you stick with our Back-End dashboard and APIs, but there is nothing stopping you taking on this as well. The API is under constant development and new features are being added all the time. Your backend will be updated behind the scenes and all database migration and upgrades is a just a mouse click.

How does vShop make money from your website ?

It's very simple and web-developers charge for their time. vShop is a free product, but our [ sic. ] time isn't free and we'll make a fair assumption that yours isn't either. As a developer or agency there really is no charge, but you'll know that with platforms such as Laravel and React JS. Clients or on-line shops pay to have developers. We are just /devs who are giving you this as a starting point, so you can create great shops.

Hopefully the community will grow and just like some `other` systems we could name, people will use vShop as a starting point for their on-line shop and have all the benefits of a free and open-source system.

vShop is an agency and we answer questions, but we use Laravel and React JS, so please don't ask us code Qs - answers to those can be found on the web via lots of code-sites; hopefully review our codebase and that will all make sense.